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The Gleneden name has long been associated iwith the breeding of world class show horses and ponies. And for the last fifty years with puppies recognized for their quality and soundness. Long experience with Poodles and a strong inventory on hand was a perfect springboard for the Labradoodle & Goldendoodle breeding program begun in the early 1990's - the first dedicated breeder in the United States of these fine dogs.
To bring the program to fruition we secured through painstaking searches and evaluations an outstanding treasury of Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. They had to be from breeders we knew and trusted and to be well bred, genetically sound, and with lines known for good temperaments. Body structure and attractiveness were other important considerations. All the acquired breeding stock were registered with the American Kennel Club and exemplified the breed standards in health, temperament and conformation.
Once the breeding partners were gathered it was not very long before more than a few folks were calling and stopping by in search of those "good looking doodle puppies". Now, decades later, Gleneden dogs can be found in loving homes not only in Virginia but across the breadth of America and in other lands as well. Geneden is generally now  recognized as the premier knowledgeable breeders of Labradoodles.
Each puppy is a treasure. Their home here at Gleneden is state-of-the-art in terms of features for care, safety and comfort. Professionally cleaned and sterilized daily, high-tech insulated- ventilated, zone heated and air-conditioned, no corners cut - period.
We place puppies one at a time, taking into consideration the suitability of the prospective home. This is done in a positive spirit, not one of trying to be “exclusive" but rather in knowing from decades of experience that some situations are just not conducive for a good dog - human family relationship. And that is something we care about, a lot.